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I like this game. Based on the idea, I can see lots of potential in this game! I would likem to see an upgrade to this game! That is, if my pc can run it xD

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Well, this game surely was very short but i still like it. I don't think that this game was good or bad. It is ok for an itchio game, I don't care if the game is bad and the only thing i need  for this game is for it to have a good atmosphere. This is just a cute and fun little game that you play one time and forget about. Also this game was made by the guy who made Darkness Dwells which was a great game and one of my favorites on I see that this game was made on halloween for halloween so that explains why it so short. Overall, 6.5/10. 

Funny but slightly scary little game xD


While it wasn't a scary game (for me) I did however enjoy it, because I kinda ran into a bug that made me laugh quite a lot haha, so I did find entertainment out of this game. 

I think that this is a cool game. So this game tells the player about the fears you had at halloween as a kid till now if I understood correctly. I'm sorry for you then. The video is in German so maybe it's not understandable for everyone.

Cute game, really got me once but overall nicely made. Had some fun while playing it.

Heya. Great game with some great spooks!


Fun stuff, nice job!

Had a lot of fun 

Wish it was longer.


Short, cute, and pretty fun to play. Of course, I was having trouble finding my way through the game and all, like chicken with its head cut off. Anyway, enjoy my playthrough and watch me fail xD

This game was actually really good, short but good!

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Hey ,

It's a cool little game . to bad it's really short.
But You started something really nice , so keep it up and hopefully more will be added later :D

You can see my gameplay video here : 

Thanks for playing! glad you liked it :)
As I've explained before, I was working off of a 2 week brief, hence the short playtime. I might work more on this in the future, as I've received plenty of feedback :)


Glad You enjoyed the video!  And Thank You for creating the game  :D
hehe You didn't have to explain yourself ^^ , I was just throwing out my thoughts :D 


Very short and kinda disappointed the monster couldn't get you if like me you refused to close the blinds (rebel without a clue)

Thanks for playing! That is a very good idea that I did not consider while making the game. If I continue to work on this, that is a feature I will definitely consider

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Haven't played the game yet but the first thing I noticed was the music. Sounds a bit like that song that plays at the end Life Is Strange: Episode 4, don't you think?

I haven't played it personally, but it's an interesting detail to notice :)


scared the crap outta me! super short but still really good!

Glad you liked it!


I got spooked!

Glad to hear! :D

Nice concept but way to short and not enough content. Nice try tho and

a great start to what could be a really good game if you add more to it.

Hey thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it! This was just a small 2-week project for an assessment brief, but I might be working more on it in the future :) Thanks for the feedback though!

I really hope you do. The lighting effects and change of atmosphere were great and more would make it a great game. :)

Scared the shit out of me a few times bro! Great work!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!